Seth Godin

Writing, building

Writers need to be editors but the reverse is not true. What you write won’t make it to a real editor unless you’ve edited it first. Toggling between writing and editing requires both parts of the brain: the mystical part,… Read More ›

Why we have idols

When I started following Seth Godin’s blog in 2009, I wanted to connect with him personally. Something in what he was saying made me to want to tell him that. But I didn’t, because making a connection with him drew… Read More ›

The Empty Vessel

Woody Allen didn’t read his film reviews, which suggests two things: 1. He didn’t care what the critics thought, and/or 2. He didn’t want the critics to influence his work. It’s important to know who your customers are and what… Read More ›

Just Right

When I was living alone and first writing, I used a Smith Corona manual typewriter I bought on Capitol Hill. If I got stuck, or didn’t like what I was writing, I pulled the sheet out of the roller and… Read More ›


I bought a collection by Rilke at Darvill’s bookstore on Orcas Island, hoping it would free me from a year without writing. The store is small, warm, and jam-packed with books. A chime goes off when the door opens, and… Read More ›