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Portrait of a spider trapped in my sink

I’m not afraid of you spider though you are ugly, you look different than me I know the care you take to build your webs with the lace from your body you lay traps to feed yourself (as a writer, … Continue reading

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The moments we steal with cameras and pens

The hot tub smells not altogether good when it’s been left a while without its chemicals. I come home to find it gagging on a Barbie doll one of the kids put under the lid, legs sticking out, choking. Hair … Continue reading

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Your web is a trap

I’ve compared writers to spiders before: I like that the words rhyme and they have unusual things in common. Both generally hide in the corners waiting, watching. We build fantastic traps to catch our prey, then slowly suck the life … Continue reading

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Rebranding The Spider

The spider has gotten a bad rap over the years. Despite stories like Charlotte’s Web, or the American Indian folk tales that present the spider as benign, many of us still prefer them dead. I had a period where I … Continue reading

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