Why design matters

We are getting down to the wire on constructing a trade show booth at work. The first storm has blown over: approving the design. Of course the design is an emotional thing because the brand is an emotional thing (especially… Read More ›

Volunteer Day

Yesterday my workgroup spent the day at a local non-profit food bank distributor called Northwest Harvest. We went to one of their packaging facilities in Kent, where we bagged food items for elementary school kids. The kids are part of… Read More ›

The Empty Vessel

Woody Allen didn’t read his film reviews, which suggests two things: 1. He didn’t care what the critics thought, and/or 2. He didn’t want the critics to influence his work. It’s important to know who your customers are and what… Read More ›


I take walks from work to clear my head, get some light, take a break from the computer. Outside, the scene is the same but still, I forage. I’m looking for ideas, listening. Though the scene is about the same… Read More ›