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Anthony’s Navel: Mark Paxson on growing up with books

May I introduce to you the one and only Mark Paxson, or King Midget, in the first of my Saturday guest post series ‘Anthony’s Navel.’ Enjoy Mark’s piece below, follow his blog to hear more of his stories, and happy Saturday. … Continue reading

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The ‘angel’s share’: lost whisky, lost memories

After sharing the same room, the same car, the same bathroom, I can see where Stephen King was coming from in his story about the writer Jack Torrance who collapses into alcoholism, writes nonsense, starts seeing dead people. Charlotte’s going … Continue reading

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The Magic Place

It was a magic place, where we met. The sweet brine of birdsong, a tapestry in the trees, the mystery of light angled through the leaves. There, where the two made love on the ground, in the grass. How the … Continue reading

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Touched by Mr. Bingley

The girls are at each other’s throats, so I get them outside for a walk, to the new development. The clouds are burning off, so we keep going down the dead end so I can show them a bog and … Continue reading

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Rolfing the Theme

It’s hard to know the theme before you start writing. For me, theme emerges over time. It’s as though you know the theme sub-consciously, but need to go through an exercise requiring time and effort before it’s fully realized. I … Continue reading

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