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Who’s really sitting around crying now, getting drunk over Mark Smith?

When I moved to Philadelphia in 1995 there was a record store off South Street with an old speaker out front, and the first time I heard “The NWRA” (The North Will Rise Again) it was there, bleating out, getting … Continue reading

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Discreet Music (MES edition) | Jan. 24, 18

I’ve lived out here since ’96 and always had a good attitude about the rain, that it’s just November and December which are hard, that by the time you get to January you’re over the hump. Not true! It doesn’t … Continue reading

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The meaning of the word Enthusiasm

In 1993 I made a mix tape called Enthusiasm. It was the Word of the Day that day, one of my favorites. I learned its origin was Greek, you could tell by the way it ended, like Orgasm or Prism. … Continue reading

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I sat with the same sadness I fell in love with

The buzz of some lawn equipment and jets overhead, when it stops the birds fill in. The hammock between two ponderosa pines on the outskirts of our property, a two-person version that kind of swallows you, I hold my book … Continue reading

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Punk rock play in the suburbs

I don’t fit in here and I don’t want to. But I catch myself wearing my work badge on my belt and strolling out of the grocery store with my six-pack, and I bet the kids who bag and collect … Continue reading

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I love Gary Numan

God, listen to Gary Numan. The reason, he puts Punk into it. Punk is hard to define, but worth it. Punk is a nervous, agitated energy. It puts an urgency to things and makes you uncomfortable, when it’s done right. … Continue reading

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Fake rooms for people

In the mid 90s I didn’t have a computer and had to rent time on a box at an internet cafe on Broadway. It was dark, small and felt sleazy: four or five of us with our backs to each … Continue reading

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