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The piper will lead us to reason

At the German school, the kids get dismissed for five minutes between every class to go outside and get some fresh air or have a smoke, some of the younger ones play on the climbing bars and hang upside down … Continue reading

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Charlotte loses her dollar from the tooth fairy, but it takes too long to look for it, and we give up. The woman outside the supermarket is selling newspapers for the homeless, and I buy one. She compliments Charlotte’s sweater, … Continue reading

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The prism is a piece of cut crystal hung in my window. We bought it at the Jersey shore in the late 70s when I was a little boy. I asked my dad for it when I was going off … Continue reading

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Failing in public

My favorite Yoga teacher Charley was not your typical Yoga teacher. He drank, smoked, and got into bar fights. Despite this, his voice was smooth as honey as he guided us through meditation, and we imagined ourselves melting into the … Continue reading

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I gave up looking for Emmett’s body down by the creek and climbed back up the hill to the house. I checked my face for damage from the fall, and had a cut by my eye where my glasses broke. … Continue reading

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The neighbor kid is still working on our leaves, two weeks later. The timer on the Christmas tree lights doesn’t work, so they’re on all night or not at all. The hot tub isn’t hot enough and I’m bad about … Continue reading

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The not knowing part

Driving down 35th Saturday night, we saw the kid I gave money to outside the bank, earlier the same day. He was sitting on the pavement when we got out of the car. He wanted a dollar and when I … Continue reading

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