Charlotte loses her dollar from the tooth fairy, but it takes too long to look for it, and we give up. The woman outside the supermarket is selling newspapers for the homeless, and I buy one. She compliments Charlotte’s sweater,… Read More ›

Failing in public

My favorite Yoga teacher Charley was not your typical Yoga teacher. He drank, smoked, and got into bar fights. Despite this, his voice was smooth as honey as he guided us through meditation, and we imagined ourselves melting into the… Read More ›


The neighbor kid is still working on our leaves, two weeks later. The timer on the Christmas tree lights doesn’t work, so they’re on all night or not at all. The hot tub isn’t hot enough and I’m bad about… Read More ›


The blog is a token dropped in a deep well. The days spin around themselves, wobble, and fall. Life is you figuring it out publicly, sometimes getting it right.

The Recording

Many precious moments go by unrecorded. Some get recorded, but shouldn’t. This was the case with my uncle, who caught a moment of my grandfather in the latter years of his life. Jim had us come down to the basement… Read More ›