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The blog is a token dropped in a deep well. The days spin around themselves, wobble, and fall. Life is you figuring it out publicly, sometimes getting it right.

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The Recording

Many precious moments go by unrecorded. Some get recorded, but shouldn’t. This was the case with my uncle, who caught a moment of my grandfather in the latter years of his life. Jim had us come down to the basement … Continue reading

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Back to Work

The week started with a blow-out on I-90. Unless it’s a sale, “blow-out” is not a good word. It can also refer to diapers. I got going in the dark, wind, and rain at 6:15 a.m., hoping to get a … Continue reading

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All Summer In A Day

This was a Ray Bradbury story we read in grade school. I think the theme of the story is the infinite cruelty in man, specifically, children. It takes place on a planet where the sun only comes out once every … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have To Go Away To Go Somewhere

That’s easy to say after four months off. We’ve been given the gift of zen and insight now, without the distraction of work. The mind requires a certain about of stress though, and fabricates its own if you don’t feed … Continue reading

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White Space

I got my foot stuck on the baby gate earlier this week and went down on my side, yielding a bruise the size of a small country. It is hard being empathetic: while it gives you the appearance of emotional … Continue reading

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Famous Last Words

My mom’s older brother Dave had a dream the night before my grandfather died. In the dream his sister, who had died from a heartattack, was in a car trying to warn Dave about something. Dave contacted the family the … Continue reading

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