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Pledge made in Galway last December

I came down to the lake after I left my job and talked to the unemployment office on the cell phone. They said I was eligible for X dollars but just because you’re eligible doesn’t mean you’ll get it, you … Continue reading

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After most humans were gone and it was just the robots

One day the robots started to romanticize the humans, what little they knew about them. They formed robot families, small social structures, gathered around screens. There was a film in black and white set around Christmas time with fake snow … Continue reading

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The first thing we’ll do is round up all the reporters

If there’s an analogy to be made between the winding down of the US presidential election and a sunset, the analogy breaks down when you consider the fact that most people enjoy sunsets. I debated between a winter sunset, the … Continue reading

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Superstition: On MacBeth, the Tarot, and the Tale of the Lucky Leprechaun

I am superstitious and proud. I think people come by superstition because they want to have control over things they really don’t. They want to believe they can control their own fate, through faith and ritual. In Shakespeare’s play, MacBeth … Continue reading

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