Don’t follow me

People used to take newspapers into the bathroom, now they take their smartphones. Just because you can check the weather while you’re on the toilet doesn’t mean you should. But we do.  I have bruises I don’t remember and my… Read More ›


The coffee maker is a riot of sound, of gargling: it’s the Fourth of July climax when it sounds off and beeps three times, declaring it’s done. I’ve been through the ritual that starts by the light of the closet,… Read More ›

Sunday, Awake

Yesterday we sat on the sofa and listened to Mark Kozelek’s record Among the Leaves. It’s rare we get to sit and listen to a record, rewind to follow the lyrics and read along. The slow transition of light and… Read More ›


She is a hard block of a woman who stands in my way. I am afraid of what will come out, and do nothing instead. But today I begin the 15 minute rule, to write for a short period first… Read More ›