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Dead selves cleft off

Though it snowed, it looked like fake snow, like film set snow, as I walked across the grocery store parking lot, past the primroses for sale all covered in plastic. I checked out a curry restaurant on a side strip-mall … Continue reading

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“In the midst of life we are in debt, et cetera”

Wednesday, that day time slows every week, with Lily on a late-start for school, the possibility we could all sleep in until 7:30 but never do, a day I work from home with Charlotte on early release, meaning she gets … Continue reading

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‘To become one with whatever one does’

My first day consulting, it had been almost two years since I last worked. They welcomed me in, and the office reminded me of where I’d been so many years before. They were nice and we had lunch together in … Continue reading

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If the world could be a sweater and I could try it on before buying it

Bit by bit he watched all the iPods, phones, and tablets come back ashore, come back to the store with their cords and their cases, and he put them in a box in the back to be picked up on … Continue reading

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Rebirth of a shirt

When the undershirt’s worn out, it’s conformed to its owner and lost all likeness of itself then may it be put in the can and forgotten, to know it’s run its course and can return. Let me not grow nostalgic … Continue reading

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Zen fortune cookie prize

The man hatched out of nothing and spent his whole life trying to lose it so he could return to a place he didn’t remember but thought might still be there if he believed it was.

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