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Ghost house gun control exit

The life of a housewife, a house-husband chiseling away at the laundry, a Greek myth rolling a boulder uphill only to be crushed by it again day-in, day-out: strict rules enforced in the refrigerator with shelves devoted to dairy, to … Continue reading

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Trying on masks (2)

This is the second in a series of posts where you can’t trust the narrator and the narrator’s not me, inspired by a T.C. Boyle short story. The night fell and so did the frogs and the crows, they all … Continue reading

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The Desolation of Smaug: Rant on violence in art

Somewhere in the 90s I got tired of violence in movies. It happened in a scene from the film Copycat, which shows the point of view of a victim through a plastic bag as she’s about to be slain. It was … Continue reading

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Baseball Bats and Golf Clubs

Like guns, they are tools for sport that can also kill or cripple. In the absence of owning a gun, I’ve thought about keeping a bat or a club by my bed, just in case. But it doesn’t bring me … Continue reading

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In a river the color of lead

We were flying above the Atlantic when the Newtown shootings occurred, headed to Germany. Eberhard asked if I heard about it and I hadn’t, so he broke the news to us. Various Europeans we met over the next couple weeks … Continue reading

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The answering machine beeped into the dark of the basement. The panel for the security system flashed, indicating a Perimeter Violation in the master bedroom, a faint, high-pitched ring, somewhere. Chumley was freaking out, his claws skittering across the tiles. … Continue reading

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Whatever pain it is that can only be expressed by killing Grows like a spore, travels by the winds to all reaches of the world. These infections flare up, heal over, get forgotten, recur. The cure is not to contain … Continue reading

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