Don’t Measure Your Love: Jason Molina is Dead


Sunset and birdsong, summer, Jason Molina is dead and has been a few months. You’d pass him on the street and not know it. He tried his best, no less. I thought I could write the story of his life and tragic end, but he told it best himself already: Listen.

From the CD Magnolia Electric Co.

The whole place is dark
Every light on this side of the town
Suddenly it all went down
Now we’ll all be brothers of the fossil fire of the sun
Now we will all be sisters of the fossil blood of the moon
Someone must have set us up
Now they’ll be working in the cold grey rock, in the hot mill steam
in the concrete

In the sirens and the silences now all the great set up hearts – all at once start to beat
After tonight if you don’t want us to be a secret out of the past
I will resurrect it, I’ll have a good go at it
I’ll streak his blood across my beak and dust my feathers with his ashes
I can feel his ghost breathing down my back
I will try and know whatever I try, I will be gone but not forever
The real truth about it is no one gets it right
The real truth about it is we’re all supposed to try
There ain’t no end to the sands I’ve been trying to cross
The real truth about it is my kind of life’s no better off
If I’ve got the maps or if I’m lost
The real truth about it is there ain’t no end to the desert I’ll cross
I’ve really known that all along
Mama here comes midnight with the dead moon in its jaws
Must be the big star about to fall
Long dark blues
Will o’ the wisp
The big star is falling
Through the static and distance
A farewell transmission

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6 replies

  1. I wasn’t familiar with his work, but that’s a song!


  2. I feel bad I didn’t know of the man’s music when he was still alive. That was one helluva song..


    • Agreed…I feel the same. Thanks so much for checking him out Miki. One of my closest friends in the states had your same name, but spelled it Myki. Damned Cajuns….enjoy your day friend.


  3. Reblogged this on MiamiSwamp.


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