The cure

img_4921In the future, they developed a cure for alcoholism. The cure was a serum injected in your body if you chose, but irreversible. And there was a small percentage of people where it didn’t take and the next time they drank, they died.

The man who developed the cure was smug and unlikeable indeed. The cure made him a lot of money though there were threats on his life from those who’d lost a lot, as a result.

One day, the man (who was very unhappy, and lived alone in a large estate in the countryside) returned home for his afternoon drink, and retired to his study. There, in the shadows behind his recliner, just outside the halo of the reading lamp, from the folds of the books there emerged a figure with no face who bent into the man’s ear without a word and breathed there.

The man who developed the cure forgot how to make it. Of course it was documented and well cared for in the lab but mysteriously, it disappeared—and once the serum was gone it no longer could be produced, and no one said much of anything, and it all went back to the way it used to be, and the shadowy figured returned to vapor, and everyone allowed a good time again, to extend that time for however long they were able or couldn’t quite control, to pass it down through their gene pool, this odd power to forget, a gift from the gods with a consequence for some, a curse.

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  1. A nice fairy tale quality to this one Bill. I’m intrigue by the Fairy of Forgetfulness and what a skill to have – people would pay big money for that one 🙂


    • I’ll admit to allowing myself some influence from you and Walt, my two favorite (and only real Flashers I follow), so thanks for that. It’s a strange world you two navigate. Though I think my real world is about as strange, without the need for much embellishment. Have you read Joy’s piece for that anthology yet? Holy crap!

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  2. What a festival of ambiguity! It’s like the paradox I just saw in “Happyish” last night. The Loboto-Me home lobotomy device will eliminate all your pain. But you’ll never feel love again either. Oh boy.

    Drink up, everyone!


  3. In the store today, for the first time, I saw 0% Budweiser. Now there’s a cure worse than the curse.


  4. Nice one, Bill. I like the feel of this one and the shadowy faceless figure. Cool photo too.

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    • Was just a “something” I had waking up, but I did like the photo pairing. Rough way to start a film there, that Harry Potter 5 I think it was, or 6. Rough way for the Hogwarts professor being eaten by Nagini, that is.

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  5. There’s some nice imagery there, amigo. More of that, please. Also makes me want to visit Harry Potter studios in London. How creepy is that?


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