Interview with Western Slope Poet Laureate | Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer


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  1. kirizar says:

    I wish I could see the rocks more close up. Now I have a thousand and one uses for all the rocks I’ve picked out of my garden this year. (Thousand and thousands waiting for me to decide what to make of them.) I think I will need to research how to make them poetic thoughts tossed in a pile. Thank you.


    • kirizar says:

      …and then I figured out the link at the top with the larger pixel image. Here were two of my favorites from your pile of verse:

      “my Yes bumped into my I cannot do this anymore—they fell down laughing.”

      “this silk gown of shoulds. What a nice garment to let slip to the floor.”

      Love this!


    • pinklightsabre says:

      Hi Kiri — that’s from a poet follow named Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. I think this post was from an interview I did with her; that photo is hers. She writes on river rocks! And paper, too 🙂 But here’s the link to her blog. Definitely visit her and enjoy her poems.


      • kirizar says:

        Thank you. I didn’t realize it was related to another post. I’ll very much enjoy that connection.

        There must’ve an algorithm which pairs up posts. That it found references to rocks and poetry in your history is kind of amazing.


      • pinklightsabre says:

        Yeah there is. Those dang algorithms! They’ve unseated the connections between us (or enabled them). I prefer the river rocks.


      • pinklightsabre says:

        Oh and Rosemerry is a rock star, definitely follow her. Daily poetry and always inspired, inspir-ing, too.


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