Self portrait under August sky

It is a Thursday night with live music at nearby Pine Lake we can hear from our house. It is also a full moon, the night before we leave for Alaska, the coffee maker set for 3. I’ve shaved my beard and I’m bare chested, hoping the neighbor won’t see me peeing against our chicken coop. The chicken coop is broken down and abandoned, relegated as a shed, left to spiders and mice. The covered area on the outside, intended for chickens, is overgrown with weeds and dilapidated by winter snow. Weeds so big, they’ve fallen and collapsed in on themselves…a lesson to heed for those in high power.

Brad and I finished our stint on the PCT: 69 miles from Snoqualmie to Chinook Pass. No injuries, no rain. A trail angel at the end of it who goes by Broken Toe gave me a fresh peach, showed Brad the van he lives out of, traded information for possible work.

A full moon is coming and I’m aiming to see it, though the clock is set for 3 and I should be off. I’ve seen more frogs than I have my whole life, one camouflaged against a leaf I happened to notice peeing into the drain rock on the side of the house. They just started croaking, that sound like someone’s using a tool to tighten a bike crank.

I got asked about a job today and got right on it, drawing up the cover letter and polishing up my resumé. It’s a savage instinct but worth something, and real: related to caring for a family. Based on it, in fact.

The clouds look muscular and ribbed, like abs I’d want to have. They’re illuminated on the sides and phosphorescent pink-blue like abalone. It’s either the setting sun or coming moon, that time the two share the sky like changing shifts. It is the middle of August and I am 48, and there is nothing for me to complain about.

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  1. “More on” offered me “Keeping Chickens is NOT Expensive” at the end of this piece. I’m sure that is profound, or something. Hope the coffee was good, Bill. And Alaska too.

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  2. Nothing to complain about at all. Keep on keeping on!

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  3. I have to think that the fly on your head is a metaphor of some sort …

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  4. I love when the moon and the sun share the sky for a bit. sort of the in between time, just like you.

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    • It’s “celestial fluidity!” Congrats on your new home Beth, if I read your post right…super news!

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      • yes, thanks, ’tis true, I’ve minimized and simplified life and it feels good already

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      • Always feels better traveling light. On a bus now to Denali but not altogether light. The train we were supposed to take couldn’t make it due to wild fire and falling trees on the rails. So we pulled over for everyone to go grocery shopping. Kind of making a party out of it. Good thing they don’t sell beer in AK grocery stores or I would be getting myself in trouble. I’m in the seat behind the driver and have control of the mic.

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      • sounds like just my kind of misadventure !


      • Strong winds and a top-heavy bus! Elderly passengers with heart conditions! Children with acute anxiety disorders!

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