Future perfect

It is six years ago now and we are making plans to move to Germany. The kids will be at a good age, we’ll all learn the language. I’ll quit my job and take time to plan our next move. We can rent our house out and take the pets. My mom’s place is big enough for all of us and we can do some traveling while we’re there. It is the summer of 2014 and Dawn and I are on a date with my mom’s partner Eberhard at a blues concert in the wine cellar of some medieval fortress with views as far as you can see, south to the Black Forest, north to Stuttgart, Frankfurt beyond. Farms reminding me of where I grew up, Pennsylvania Dutch country. In the photo I am wearing a cheap leather jacket I borrowed from Eberhard and I’m smoking a hand-rolled cigarette, my hair unwashed and greasy, pulled back. Dawn is on a bench beside me (also smoking) and we have the look of a young couple struck by the romance of Europe, that travel glow. Germany wins the World Cup. When we move in a year later the first thing my mom says is I don’t know what I’m going to do when you leave. And we laugh, but it’s true. It is now five years later, “hindsight is 20/20.” I wrote a short draft documenting my work the past 15 years and read it on the flight to Germany, then never again. You think some things need to be preserved, but maybe you should just let them go.

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  1. For me, it’s the writing that matters … while writing (slowed thoughts so hands can keep up) connections and consequences emerge … stuff I’d totally overlooked while in the midst of it! Whether read again later or not, the writing is my interpreter.
    BTW your comparison of Germany to Pennsylvania makes me itch to see Germany…

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    • Happy you have the desire to visit Germany and hope you get a chance to soon Jazz! It is beautiful, as are the people. Our beer in the PNW is better, however. I like the idea of your writing as an interpreter, I’m going to mull on that….

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  2. I think you were in Germany when our virtual paths first crossed. Time flies.

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