Small towns, long looks, late summer one Saturday

When a car comes down the road we all look up. It’s like the looks we used to get from the locals pulling into that small French town. Morning clouds, afternoon sun. Saturdays sleeping in. Just the sound of the fan and the dog by the bed smacking her lips, no plans. A fresh bag of coffee and the browning lawn. The birds thinning out. Filing the dead skin off my cuticles. A good book, maybe a walk. The vegetable garden coming along, same with the wildflowers out back. I messaged Eberhard because this is the time of year we’d normally go climbing in the Alps, when the meteor showers come on and they close the shops for that Catholic holiday Maria Himmelfahrt. Buying gray mustard in tubes like toothpaste called sempf. Sausages and schnapps, Roman numerals scratched in stone above the entryways, crude-looking avalanche structures down in the valley. Eberhard kissing his fingers then touching his friend’s grave, that small Catholic church in that small Austrian town.

The cello stands in the corner now like Boo Radley, looming. The entryway to our house smells like feet, all the shoes at odd angles. That fine summer rain blurring the trees, it brings on a nice smell. Today I’ll cook indoors, chili weather. It fills the house with fragrance and memories, the hope for many more.

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  1. This one is so alive. The sounds, the smells, the image of the shoes, the fine summer rain blurring the trees. Wonderfully evocative. And, as is often the case, a paradoxical mix of present moment Zen-ness, a longing for the past, and a look to the future. All three tenses at once. Lots to savor here. I think I can even taste the chili.

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  2. ah, the smells of memories, same-ness, and change. all at once. past, present, future.

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  3. As Walt W has said it so neatly, I’ll go the teenage play. Maria Himmelfahrt? Tee Hee.
    Heaven journey.
    Savour it.

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    • I know, tee hee. Never tired of that one, though I suspect you know some Deutsch yourself…and thanks for the wishes, that’s spot on Bruce! You’ve got spring to look forward to, I suppose. There’s that! Good to hear about NZ beating the virus for 100 days now, I read.

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      • Yep. And in Melbourne, the graph has levelled out (it seems, hopefully, etc) as a result of the Stage 4 lockdown (overnight curfew, no leaving home without a permit, shops closed, other worrying restrictions).

        And hey! I thought of you at breakfast an hour or so ago, when two magpies did some aerobatic courting in our sunny back yard. That’s a sign, brother! The sap is rising.

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      • Nice, thanks for the trans-continental mental thing man. Feel you and volley back.

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  4. Boo Radley. I can see him/it. “Cello Song.”

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  5. A few score words paint a rich and textured picture. Beautifully done

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