First Sunday in Germany

John Pearse in April, 2007. He passed away Oct. 31, 2008.

John Pearse with Oma (Linda), April, 2008. He passed away Oct. 31, 2008.

…began shortly after midnight with our two kids awakening. I thought it was near dawn, but was puzzled why there were people out walking in the streets. Then we realized it was 12:20. They got to sleep near 4 probably, and I got up again at 9 to go running with my mom’s Parisian friend, Gilles. He has a key to the nearby athletic track. It was raining, but we carried on for several laps.

We then unpacked (it has taken us three days to unpack), and laid out all our clothes for the two girls and ourselves. I have a handful of things for Fall stowed in the back of the closet since we’ll be here until early November. After eating, showering and shaving, I set about John’s office. This is the room we need to finish reconciling, to convert it into a bedroom before my mother-in-law Beth arrives, in early September.

My mom has removed most things from the office (it was a nightmare), and now all that remain are books, CDs, videotapes, and random things of importance to John, who passed away last October. Of course it’s difficult going through a loved one’s things after they’re gone. I had to take a break a few times, and found myself easily distracted by the artifacts, such as original drafts of books he’d written, photos, pocket knives, his collection of flasks (one engraved “JP”). My fingertips are peeling badly, which I presume is from my last backpacking trip, and four days of intense hiking/dehydration. So my mom gave me some special fingertip cream, designed for guitarists. Kid #2 has awakened from her nap, so I will sign off.

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  1. Is this where it all began, all things bloggy?


    • ‘Tis! The edge of the earth, proof the world is flat and earth-centric. You get a prize for that Walt. Bill


      • Long was my journey to find it, and frought with peril. Say not that I won’t do this for thee, or something. And prizes are cool. Is it a bag of swag? Swag is great.


      • Music I didn’t pay for and nor will thee. That’s a very old plate of crackers sitting out there, on the web.

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      • I opted to make this journey, too. Yet not fraught with peril, since I know how WordPress is organized. Still, a worthy exploration, methinks.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Carl? You know how it’s organized, meaning the algorithms that govern how your content is displayed on their platform? Yeah, peril. I don’t look at stats or work hard to promote views. In fact I didn’t have a single like or follow in the first 3 years I used it. But thanks for looking at my first post here, that’s funny. Appreciate you!

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