Stranger Than Fiction

The guy who cuts my hair has been reading about Synchronicity, something I had only associated with the band The Police, until yesterday.

In his example, a good friend of his has just passed away. He was visiting her in hospice, and because she was into psychic-stuff, he joked with her, “call me after you die.”

He gets a call from a friend in LA he hasn’t talked to in years. The friend is in tears, says someone he knew just died – it was just posted to her Facebook page.

He describes her as having cancer, living on Bainbridge Island…and Donnie realizes he’s talking about the same psychic-friend he knows, Emily. But Donnie and his friend in LA didn’t realize they both knew her until that moment.

I understand why people have a natural aversion to this stuff. It can sound contrived; it borders on Astrology. A dash of science, the rest make-believe.

But if you believe perception is reality, it can start to take you down the rabbit-hole…where you start remembering things before they happen.

My recent example is less dramatic, but it involves this blog.

I wrote a post about Rilke, about buying a book of his on Orcas Island. It seemed like a profound moment for me that day, as I looked at the spines of the books and thought about myself, as a writer, unpublished.

I picked the Rilke book thinking it would release me from my self-imposed confinement. But what I realized later is that to free myself, I had to go deep inside a proverbial cave (my imagination) to find my way out.

I wrote about it a couple years later and a reader found the blog post, and said her mother used to work at that book store. I wrote back, and told her of the B&B where we stayed, then. She and her family had stayed in the same B&B, slept in the same beds, the night before we arrived.

All this says to me is that there is more connection between us than we are aware. When you start to lay out the puzzle pieces of your life, as I’ve done on this blog, you discover they fit together in ways you couldn’t have imagined, before.

The book of your life is being written right now…


About pinklightsabre

William Pearse publishes memoir, travel journals, poetry and prose, and lives in the Pacific Northwest.
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6 Responses to Stranger Than Fiction

  1. alesiablogs says:

    The world is smaller than we think. Great Post.


  2. Hey – just found your blog – Love the way you think and write.

    “there is more connection between us than we are aware. When you start to lay out the puzzle pieces of your life, as I’ve done on this blog, you discover they fit together in ways you couldn’t have imagined, before”

    is GREAT and totally true. Thanks for posting.


  3. I agree. I do not believe in any religion, or in fate but somethings things happen that are too coincidental to ignore. I say it’s luck. I am curious to what “a dash of science” could be?


  4. OK…here’s more weirdness!!!!! I, as YOU know, am the person to whom you are referring above…and I haven’t looked at your blog in probably a couple of months…and then I look at it just randomly today and WHAM! You wrote about this crazy connection. Ok, that’s just too wild. It’s made me decide to include you in a list of blogs I’m going to post on Tuesday of next week. It was meant to be. 🙂


    • pinklightsabre says:

      Cosmic! Thanks for stopping back Gretchen – glad you did on that Roulette number 🙂 I’ll check your post next week.

      Have a great weekend, – Bill


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