Just for us

Carlos Castanedas - A Separate Reality cover

Carlos Castaneda – A Separate Reality cover

The moon is hanging on by a nail and we are all bound to fall that way too,
to rise in the morning and repeat the same cycle:
to expand and recede, sometimes close to Earth,
sometimes obscured.

They make up stories about the moon because it’s so far away and alone,
we see ourselves in it:
for sometimes it is there just for us, it seems.
We think we can see it all, but there is another side.

You could go to the moon, but why would you?
Like most things, it looks better from a distance.
Like most things, it is there just for us:
it’s why we make up stories, it’s how we find comfort in the dark.

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18 replies

  1. Gosh I hope we don’t find out the world is really flat!


  2. love the moon. and the poem.


  3. This is real nice. When I was a little kid, I thought the man on the moon looked like a girl doing puzzles with her teacher, sideways. I can’t see that anymore. Dark Side of the Moon is still one of my favorite albums. Some things change or stay the same, some wax and wane.


    • It’s nice you saw the Man in the moon as a girl instead, because I think we see ourselves in it. Thanks Kristen — I don’t think I’ll ever tire of writing poems about the moon. This past week it was like a hook. And that record by Pink Floyd has some remarkable lyrics I think. Did you ever hear the Screaming Abdabs? I think it was a bogus moniker they went under, and there’s a famous live record of Dark Side under that name, which is interesting. To hear the same record but with a slightly different aspect.


  4. A poet too, is there anything you can’t write?


  5. Oh, I would totally go to the moon. The jumping alone would be worth it.


    • You’re funny. I’m staying put. Germany is far enough for now.


      • Forward he cried
        from the rear
        and the front
        Generals sat
        and the lines on the map
        moved from side to side.

        ~ one of my favorite lyrical thingies from DSOTM


      • Ok I’m putting it on now, thanks Walt.


      • The segue between Time and The Great Gig in the Sky is kind of unprecedented, noting that now. I’m freaking out to it now. “The Great Gig” is one of my favorites. For as much as I overplayed this and thought I never wanted to hear it again, I’m reveling in it now. I did come to some Pink Floyd late in life (other early 70s records) whilst on roadtrip with the family along west coast down to the Redwoods, very late August. Some epic mornings listening to them in the car with that golden, pre-fall light along the California coast, sigh.


      • And then one day you find
        Ten years have got behind you
        No one told you when to run
        You missed the starting gun

        I’m going to bed now. I have to be up at 5:15.


      • Sleep tight, kick some ass tomorrow.


  6. beautifully written I hope my writing comes out as amazing as this


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