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The last of the 8 o’clock sunsets

The clouds are dragon tongues, painted Nordic boats and they blow me back to Scotland, to the fall, to shrill winds and leafless trees, to the comfort of wool and soup, smoked fish, and sleep. Now the shrubs are shriveled, … Continue reading

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Portrait of a spider trapped in my sink

I’m not afraid of you spider though you are ugly, you look different than me I know the care you take to build your webs with the lace from your body you lay traps to feed yourself (as a writer, … Continue reading

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Poem for the first sunny day in Seattle

How the underside of the crow’s wings glowed when it was dusk and the light dropped so slow from the sky a two-hour cue and the spaces between the leaves went from peach to pink, and all about, a tapestry … Continue reading

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Now my heart is full

Perhaps our hearts are different sizes like cups made by joining palms, closing seams— we don’t know their size until they’re empty or full and even then, it’s unclear: their only job is to hold, a place to store things … Continue reading

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Winter’s playground is closed for the season

If you were to look back through a hole at your life, if it were like a kaleidoscope when held to the light, the days would fold in on themselves and combine, and collapse to form a frame called “your … Continue reading

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Just because you put it in a book doesn’t make it any better

On that last day of winter the sun finally came out, and though the cars and rooftops were covered in frost I walked to the far fields with my coffee where there’s still horses, on Rock Meadow Farm. It was … Continue reading

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The force of the light is the theme

How soothing at the lake, the water pooling in. Birds and kid sounds, a gull burrowed down, a helicopter seed- pod’s propeller spinning, brown: I watched it all the way, thought I could stay here all day, on the seam … Continue reading

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