Poem for Bukowski on horses, days, the rain

img_4993The days
ran down
the side
of the hill
the way
the rain

how you don’t notice
it’s worn down
the surface
it slides

Inspired by the title of a Bukowski poetry collection, The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills, 1969.

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21 replies

  1. Love it. Simple, true, good shape.


    • I was just admiring the sound of your name, is there a story to it? It has a real musical quality to it. Not like “Bill.” Ha!

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      • Yes, there is quite a story to it. It means 2nd born female twin (Ghanaian). My twin sister is Akwelle. Before our birth– my mom was very satisfied with just the two girls she and my dad already had. My mom was a busy psychiatrist. 2 girls was plenty! My dad, on the other hand, wanted a large family. A friend of his gave him a pair of Ibeji fertility dolls. (My dad collected African art.) The friend cautioned my dad not to keep the dolls in the bedroom– that is– if he did not want anymore children. My dad kept the dolls in the bedroom. My dad’s friend (the one who gave him the Ibeji dolls) suggested the twin names for us. My mom absolutely hated the names. “No one can pronounce these names. They will have miserable lives!” She protested by calling us Baby A and Baby B. Eventually–of course– my dad won out and Akwelle and Akuokuo stuck! 🙂

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      • Oh…my…lord what a story Akuokuo! Thanks for sharing with us, it’s remarkable. Feels like legend, I suppose it is! The legends of our lives, wow: you’re lucky to have such a name and story to go with it. My mom jokes I was named after Billy Joel, not the same legacy.

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      • Hey wow, just went through your posts from December, how dense and funny and interesting! Love it, thanks for visiting my blog too and great to meet you Akuokuo.

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      • Great to meet you too kind sir!

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  2. i like the way your words slid down the page


  3. Fantastic. Perfect post to start the year!


  4. Nice! Kind of an American haiku. Rain imminent here …


  5. Oh, yes, those days slip away at a terrifying speed. And they speed up as you age, just as you want them to slow down, as you finally become aware of how few you have left. How cruel life is. Lovely words, Bill

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