A different kind of blue | rain prose, 29 März 17

Frank Schwarz, ‘Maulwurf – Mole’ (2009)

Double the average, normal rainfall for the month and year so far, double. It makes the trees look distorted like they’re rubbed out by TV static snow, makes the same crackling hiss on the ground and pavement. The static snow, the same on the hand-me-down black and white TV set my parents gave me for my room, growing up. Falling asleep to the sound of the commentator on a baseball game, the droll cadence and gaps, the crowd. And then as it ran up to midnight and was about to go off the network they ran out of programming and went to the very edge of the earth and looked down over the side, and played the National Anthem because they didn’t know what else to do, and the horns sounded crackly, far-away and feeble, before it all turned to snow.

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  1. ah, the inevitable return of the snow -i fell asleep to that many a time –

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  2. Nice. Rain and snow coming together.

    I had a similar 13″ Sharp when I was a teen. So many bad late movies all summer …


  3. Great post! I like the new pic too 🙂


  4. Did you guys have the crying Native American? I remember him when one of the networks went off the air back east. It was an environmental message about pollution but one of the networks always ran it last. Maybe the local PBS station.

    Yes, it has been a lot like living in that static snow in the PNW lately. Enjoy the clearer skies Bill.

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    • Ah I do remember that quite well, one of the most successful PR campaigns ever I think. That and the “spring with no birds” campaign that launched Earth Day basically, in the 70s. The fear we’d wreck our environment so much there’d be no more birds in the spring. Where are you in the PNW? That escapes me for some reason, sorry…?

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      • I’m in Lewis County WA, but we lived in the west Puget Sound for a long time, in Port Orchard. Miss it there. All that salty water and air.
        PBS did a great American Experience a while back about Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring. Forgot how much she changed the narrative about the environment. Now it seems to be changing again, going backwards.

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      • Ah that’s right, Silent Spring. Thanks for that. Here’s to salty water and air, all that’s carried on the breeze…good stuff. And to sun sets that wait this long, until now.

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  1. A different kind of blue | rain prose, 29 März 17 | O LADO ESCURO DA LUA

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