Daydream requiem

The clock had stopped, I sensed the stillness. It was something always there you take for granted after a time, it just becomes part of the fold. Outside the tall trees were still, just beyond the clock. They had stopped too. A gentle rain came on. It was hard to stop myself from jumping up to reset the clock. It reminded me so much of a living thing, the tic tock of a heart. One small thing I could restore to bring back the balance. The trees started up again and upstairs, music from a room. One day it will be like this for me I thought. And things will keep on moving without me.

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  1. The imagery is beautiful. I caught myself re-reading lines just to hear them again in my mind. Powerful!

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  2. the clock and it’s heartbeat – I like that


  3. They feel like living things, old clocks. All those gears working together, the pendulums and springs working against and with each other, the motion independent aside from the odd wind of the mechanism. They have heart and personality, unlike their digital equivalent.
    Sombre but elegantly written

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  4. Lynn’s comment is exactly what I was thinking (like Will Ferreell “accurately & with a better vocabulary”) When I did a college semester in England, I heard somebody say “I was just winding you up,” I think meaning, pulling your leg, but sometimes work/hassles/new/etc. feels like they’re winding us up like spring in a clock, until “twang” that’s all she wrote.
    I also like the tension in the title, daydream requiem is a genius phrase.

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    • Hey again mister, thanks for this. I had to look up the word requiem (comes from Latin, rest) and wanted to use it. Type in the word and first thing that comes up is that icky movie I’m afraid to watch. I like the word Daydream from a Sonic Youth album Daydream Nation. Good phrase, that. Enjoy the day! Have a cup of tea and find a piece of sun!

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