Spirit is time-reversed to your body

Caffeinated and prone to fuss, I fixed a slow cooker meal and had a load of laundry in by 8. I swear people wave more now. I talked to a couple ladies at the park and we all stood apart like points on a triangle. And then I went down to the lake and found something in the water along the shore, a bottle cap with the Corona beer logo wedged in the muck and flickering like some queer, enchanted ring. I can’t help feel like I’m mean when I talk sometimes. Maybe it’s the east coast coming back, not this west coast namby-pamby crap we put on everything. I hear myself talk like that and think what a sap I’ve become. I get on Zoom with my old east coast friends and feel refreshed, it’s so real. Sure, we all went a little insane. Finally, for once, everyone left the house and I was left alone to play my German prog-rock records, pee outside with no one to notice. I remembered the smoked turkey we had in the meat locker from Easter and started fantasizing about eating a leg, just standing in the kitchen and taking it by hand. And I was reminded of the dog, the way she’ll grab into something with her jaws and then suddenly bear down on it like she’s about to gag. Total ecstasy, the meat between the teeth. In that dream I imagined I’d lost control of my faculties, found myself on a public bus with no pants on. The bus transformed to the insides of a large house, like a lodge. But I was wearing a pill box hat I thought I’d lost and all of the sudden, it was back. I woke wanting to stay in bed but knowing I’d feel worse and it was already 6. The cat brought a mouse in but lost interest in it and now it was trapped in Lily’s room, forcing the girls to sleep together and giggle and keep me up all night thinking about work. Dawn fashioned a cruelty-free trap using a bucket with plastic sheeting and holes at the top, a ramp made out of books and crumbled saltines for bait. I threw the cat in and closed the door hoping that would speed things up. The nights are ghostly and enchanted with the sound of frogs and the look of the moon on the clouds, an ominous light. Spring, with a chill of winter. The fragrance of beans and pork filling the house, Tibetan incense, the sound of morning rain. Everyone still in bed.

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  1. Throwing the cat in just to speed things up, 😂 definitely an east-coast move

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    • Ha ha! Too true! I almost put a Sonic Youth picture on here you might have appreciated, to line up with the post title and song reference. Hope you’re well my friend and so good to hear from you!


      • Didn’t catch it at first, but that reference to that album just transported me back to staying up all night painting on East Coast spring nights that felt like winter would never end… Didn’t feel like the past, more like a layer of parallel universe superimposed on this moment, I could walk into the next room and it would all be there. All is well, be good.

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      • Wow. That is just plain beautiful. “Stretch me to the point that I stop! Run ten thousand miles than think of me! I think I know a place we could meet don’t worry if it’s dark and I’m late…!” Love that SY album.

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    • This was essentially my exact reply.

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  2. You are mean Bill, get over it. I once threw our cat in the bathroom to finish the job, but he failed. I did not.

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  3. Alright Bill! Speaking truth to namby-pamby power. And meet my little friend…yeah, he’s a cat…he’s here ta, let us say, expedite matters, yous with me on this?

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  4. Entranced by your opener “caffeinated and prone” … I feel a “prone” poem brewing within …
    Finding myself more and more awake during husband’s sleep hours. The house is free of distractions, inviting. And then I sleep late, granting him a similar freedom next morning. Interesting how patterns develop!

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  5. People are definitely more wavy right now. And the frogs and birds and mice are out and about. Its nice (except when they get in the bedroom). Too bad it takes a global plague to get us here.

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  6. It is definitely “spring, with a child of winter” here in NYC. Upside: fewer people outside. Downside: GAAAAH!

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    • Yeah, some upside in the scheme of things but at what an expense! Especially for you there in New York. But thanks for spending so much time with me in my virtual den today! There’s upside there for me, in meeting new friends and making connections with people around the world, wanting that personal touch point. Appreciate you being here today Ms D! Thanks, Bill


  7. You take a routine post and paint such powerful imagery, swaying words and lyrics making a swan song out of. Absolutely brilliant, Bill:)

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