Damn good address for a rat

But for the crows it’s quiet on my walk to the lake. The clouds make it glum with the lawns going brown and the leaves coming down. I jump the gun with fall, my favorite season (the first half). In fact all seasons are like that, first and second halves. The year divided into eighths. The back half of summer and the first half of fall make for the best color and light, the coming of fog. The mosquito landed on my knee but couldn’t get anything from me and just kept sucking air. I really had no idea how badly I’d disintegrated out here in the suburbs. The definition of wealth, broader than it seems. I dug up the yard to find the lids to the septic tank so we could get it pumped. I really don’t want to know how the septic works. It’s like plumbing or the internet, invisible lines we count on like blood in our veins, the things you can’t see but have to rely on. In the dark I heard the cat puke on the rug. On the side of the house under the eaves I relieved myself and watched for that little bird that nests in one of the holes beneath the roof. Is it true that writers are like actors too? Putting on some pose to make you believe we’re real, someone you could care about or relate to. To make you forget yourself or remember a part you lost. Or make you think you could be more than yourself if you just pretended, and had someone else feed you the lines.

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  1. Plumbing systems, like the internet, are barely duct taped together, like most of our civilized rarefied mouse traps and it’s a wonder they work at all.

    Juiced a lime and wrote a limerick in my imagination. You know the lines, Bill. Keep the faith and shame the devil

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  2. Aah! You seem very real to me and I only know you through your writing … which often registers as very close to something I’ve experienced … like a deja vu with just a few changes in surroundings. Do keep writing!

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  3. Your favourite season named after your favourite band and you use Tom Waits? 😀

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    • Damn you’re good. How’d you spot that?! I’m impressed. It is I think my favorite Tom Waits album though…I just got the remaster on vinyl this week and I’m saving it for “just the right moment.” Wow.

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      • One of my favourite Tom Waits songs with a title that reminds me of the Army and the name we gave to the raising of the flag ceremony.

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      • Holy crap I never noticed that! I feel daft…thank you…and now I will tip my hat to you each time I hear that. Which is often! Best record for imbibing while camping on the beach I’ve found…bourbon of course! Woo hoo! Happy Sunday!

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  4. I totally missed the Tom Waits connection. But I totally agree on the acting.

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  5. Hi Bill, I left a message for you on email

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