Magna come loudly, Bill

I guess the window on William closed a long time ago, I’ve just gone by Bill.

Been called Billy, but only to distinguish myself from the other Bills.

A littler Bill, that Billy: a smaller version of his dad.

Though like my dad and his dad before, none of us went by William.

Or when we did, it never was good—more the formalities of being served papers, something you’d hear in court.

Or read on a lab notice with test results.

The window on William closed a long time ago though I wonder how things might have been different for me

if I’d changed my name, my hair, or moved away: everything would be different then and

I’d be the person I always wanted to be, William or not.

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  1. Maybe … we don’t ever find out how the ifs would’ve remolded us … but we DO somewhat get to choose what others call us! Here’s to Bill!

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  2. Ah, “what-ifs”! Always a fascinating game to play. Yet, we can never know the ramifications of different choices. Perhaps our lives would be better, perhaps far worse. What I do know, though, is that I appreciate my life right now, and you’re part of that.

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  3. Cheers, Bill.
    And thanks.

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  4. Love the last line. Makes ya think, that one.

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  5. What’s in a name? My father calls me Jeffery, no one else does that with my blessing. A guy at work calls me that, every morning “Good morning, Jeffrey” I wish I put a stop to it immediately. Now it would be awkward to tell him.

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  6. What a piece blowing the mind like fiction. Absolute Bill:)

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