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  1. Do I see steam coiling from the grill of that car?

    30 good days.

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  2. So many words that I’m now thinking of too, thanks to this post’s rhythm.

    Mom, homonym, synonym and antonym… taking a summer swim in light that grows dim near dusk. Grim, gym slam and plum scum, thanks Ma’am, that’ll be all.

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    • Hey old buddy! Happy to hear from you, what a nice surprise! Yeah stupid fun with words, sorry about that. I like all the goodness you slipped in there…hope your life is good just friend!


  3. Re-enter 1971? That sounds interesting. Is this a writing project or an obscure music reference I’m not getting?

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    • My buddy Bruce in Australia over at Vinyl Connection has done a deep analysis of all the amazing records that came out that year, 50 years now…! You should check him out.

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