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A jarful of days

In the corner of my yard in the mid-afternoon heat in my hammock with Pablo Neruda between my legs, my glasses off, bare-chested and unbathed, I think about death: my body a lump in a sack swinging here: all this, … Continue reading

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Magnificent return to splendor

All the grisly-bearded rooftops in the morning covered with frost, warming up the car. Realizing I’m falling into familiar work patterns, things I used to do in my last job: going out to the car a few minutes before I … Continue reading

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Father and daughter

One day you will notice what the days do, how they curl and build and fall apart like the waves, most times indistinct, sometimes disappearing like socks in a drawer you can’t find, they fold over on themselves and get separated … Continue reading

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The piper will lead us to reason

At the German school, the kids get dismissed for five minutes between every class to go outside and get some fresh air or have a smoke, some of the younger ones play on the climbing bars and hang upside down … Continue reading

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Leaves clawing the cobblestones

When the French arrive, it’s with armsful of things from France: breads wrapped in brown paper bags, coolers full of cheese, boxes of wine, even duvets for their beds. It feels like a hotel and we lose track of how … Continue reading

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Then I was the remnant of a tale (for Carver)

It is a nothing day, a gray day, a throwaway day and I have disappeared into a crack in the sofa with all those forgotten things, a no-man. I have dream-drafts to send me off, sounds of the dryer and … Continue reading

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Leaves in a book

The days end like that, the same way they begin, me on my side gripping a pillow, wondering what day it is. Walking the steps at work, up the parking lot floors: walls made out of cinder block, what it … Continue reading

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